Cosmo 3, taglio laser metalli

Sheet metal works and laser cutting

Qualità saldature lamiere


Total quality

Thanks to rationalization and optimization of the individual business activities it's able to offer affordable products.

The constant pursuit of quality that identify the work of Cosmo 3 it applies in every phase of customer relations: from the analysis of needs to clearly define the technical specifications of the product up to the requirements of the contract. Are defined technical specifications for controlling the required quality standards.
All production is subject to strict control that thanks to the system ERP, estimated needs, planning activities of departments and it allows a better management of staff and purchases.

Qualità saldature lamiere

Lean Production

The development of production processes, continues research and the elimination of waste, allow an improvement in productivity, a reduction of time and costs.

Processing certificate

Every aspect of the production is subject to strict quality control : all the processes and the end pieces are subject to accurate testing cycles.

A testing room equipped with the latest equipment allows to minimize the non-compliance of products.

The company is certified
ISO 9001 - ISO 14001.

The quality of the company it’s also quality of the staff.

The staff is an integral part of this continuous improvement process. Cosmo 3 invests in formation of engineers and machine operators, to offer not just a product but also a consulting service


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