Cosmo 3, taglio laser metalli

Sheet metal works and laser cutting

Aluminum and steel profiles


An entire department it’s dedicated to the processing of aluminum and steel profiles.

Cosmo 3 transforms products and costumized profiles on costumer request. Thank’s to machining center ARGO 70 it’s possible to perform drilling and milling operations on the various surfaces of the section, then bringing it to the required dimension with automatic cut-off saw / double head.

Using these modern systems, equipped whit control systems CNC, Cosmo 3 is able to guarantee maximum precision in the machining and high productivity.


Work centre ARGO 70 that allow to execute lavoration of drilling and milling on the various surfaces of the profile untill it reachs the dimension requested from the client.

The work centre is then completed whit an automatic double-head shearing machine.
The work centre with 3 axes has a dimension of the working plane of 6000x800x200 mm and is equipped with a cnc control system for an elevated productivity and precision.

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